The people we serve.

Our clients are innovators and change makers, working hard in their fields to build a future that is better than today. Humble, intelligent and open minded, our clients have the intellect and insight to see the ambiguity and challenges they face in creating that future.

It is our privilege to support our clients in overcoming ambiguity, designing solutions and delivering results. When you are overloaded with uncertainty and a to-do list that disappears over the horizon, we are here to support you.

Whether you are looking to build a new capability, navigating transformational change or delivering innovative new products and services, The Healthy Organisation is here to be your coach, teammate and support crew as you need us.

If you are conscientious, genuine and committed to creating a better future for your organisation,  customers and community, we are made for you.

Mike Stevenson.

Founder, Managing Director.

What we do.

We help you make things. Sometimes these things are innovative economic and financial models that empower preventative health care interventions.

Sometimes these are plug-and-play financial tools to auto-analyse scenario planning, giving managers clarity to make the right decision.

Sometimes these things are digital communities that connect people with disability and great local care providers.

Always, these things are platforms that help and empower people to achieve their goals.

We believe in driving innovation that makes a real difference for people. That’s why we start from first principles and build bespoke solutions to unique problems.

We understand data, economics and the digital tools that are transforming the way we live and work. We also understand people and the diverse needs and challenges they face in work and life. We combine these to create transformation, manage change and empower success.

Data analytics, behavioural economics, design thinking, web development, apps and cloud – these are all tools. But knowing your craft is about more than knowing your tools.

To drive innovation, we work with the people we help to first craft a vision and then use the right tools to carve out a path to success. Innovation turns ideas into outcomes through execution.

Managing transformational change requires more than goodwill and hope. Change management requires a full stack of business capability, marrying technical analysis with human engagement.

We believe in partnerships founded in integrity and respect. That means only working with partners where we know we can add value. We deliver what we promise and we never promise more than we can deliver.

In a world where so many sell first and worry about delivery later, we stand apart. If you face uncertainty, challenge or crisis, get in touch. We have tools in our lab to bring structure to the chaos and the alchemy to turn danger into opportunity.

Get in touch.