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Craig Bettles
Data Visualisation Manager

Redesigning Government Healthcare

A large, state-run healthcare provider was charged with millions of dollars and a mandate to deliver a model for integrated care that could scale across government in 3 years or less.    

As a traditional government organisation, the provider was adept and delivering a wide range of services to its community. However, it had little experience in fostering an ecosystem and managing for outcomes. Help was needed.

To support the transformation, we applied strategic design and economic modelling to create a concrete vision for a future built on outcomes-based commissioning. 

We ran workshops to educate and consult at all levels of the organisation and with the central government offices. 

Finally, we design core artefacts and trained the C-suite leadership to drive and deliver the change.

The State’s first outcomes-based commission in healthcare, backed by the Secretary for Health and delivered by the provider’s own people.

 Our approach empowered the provider with the tools to secure additional multimillion-dollar funding and seed an ecosystem of care built on preventative, rather than high cost responsive solutions. This means better outcomes for patients and better value for the community.

Regulations were changing. In financial services firms, it isn’t just government regulation, but also the rules and standards of your charter that you must navigate safely    

As an SME, every minute spent on compliance was time not spent on getting the best outcomes for their clients. With regulatory changes coming through, there was a high likelihood the firm would be audited

By embedding ourselves in our client’s business and we took a synchronised deep dive on current workflows in parallel to regulatory requirements. 

From there, we established a baseline for core business operation requirements and built rock solid service design, minimising disruption to core operations and using industry best practice to safeguard the future sustainability of the business.

In under 2 months we took the financial services firm from being in danger of losing business critical accreditations to a robust and compliant structure and service design that clients could trust with their future financial health.

Business, designed.

Digital innovation to redesign an ecosystem

The Australian Government was rolling out a $22billion program which put choice and control back in the hands of people with disability. 

After generations of funding providers through intermediaries on a fee for service model, the federal government was overhauling the system and providing funding control directly to people with disability. 

The government body in charge of the program had left large gaps in their ecosystem design. No provision had been made to facilitate choice tools for people with disability. 

Reliance on incumbent service providers for information and guidance meant the market was illiquid and while choice parameters were in play, customers were not in a position to exercise them.

In short, the government had given people the right to choose, but no tools to wield that power.

Turning our internal innovation lab on the problem, we conducted low fidelity market research to engage with consumers and understand their needs. 

With customer insights in hand, we then launched into rapid prototyping. Within a month we had gone from problem to insight to prototype to launch. was born was a hit with users. In its first year, over 25,000 people used CareNavigator to seek out the best providers in their community, becoming a sustainable digital community inside 6 months.

Coach leaders to lead change

A protracted organisation-wide restructure had besieged the multimillion-dollar organisation. C-suite negotiations had been conducted behind thin walls for more than 2 years as the Chief Executive sought to drive a democratic solution to the entrenched problems of the organisation.

The prolonged restructure deliberations had been taxing. The C-suite Executive were exhausted, but so too were their support line in the next tier of management. Two years of whispers and rumours had left the organisations Senior Directors with little emotional reserve for when it was needed most. 

Change was coming. The Senior Directors needed to take stock and quickly if they were to be part of driving the success of the restructure.

Understanding the problem at hand, we launched into a series of one-to-one coaching sessions. The sessions were established as unstructured and designed to explore the challenges the Senior Directors were facing in their business, both including and beyond the restructure.

This was an opportunity to strengthen and enhance leadership capability. Over the course of the sessions we worked with each Senior Director to understand their challenges and develop frameworks for assessing and responding to change, working in high-data, low-insight contexts, leading through change and developing strategic capability.

Feedback from the program was universally positive, with the Senior Directors identifying the sessions as highly valuable in supporting them to lead their teams through the change process. 

Proving the result, all Directors who participated in the program remained with the organisation more than 1 year after the restructure was executed.

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