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Learn with us

Build your capability in Humane Business disciplines like Design Thinking, Customer Experience Strategy, User Research, Employee Experience, New Product Development, Innovation, Transformation and more. 

Study with classes lead by our practicing consultants and learn by doing with our applied and apprenticeship models. 

We offer in-house programmes to build your team and open courses to grow your own capability.

Learn Design Thinking


Build with us

Overcome challenges and collaborate effectively through independent facilitation.

We design bespoke strategy workshops and tailor standard sessions to meet your organisation and need. 

Our facilitators are experienced in facilitating strategy, organisation design, innovation, new product development, transformation and culture in open and closed formats for leadership levels and executional teams.

Services we offer

Acquisition & Investment

Succeed with us

Great businesses are built to last, but none of us can work forever. We offer succession opportunities to business owners and founders of enduring private enterprises to see their legacy thrive.


Grow with us

As advisors, analysts, consultants, designers, developers, educators, facilitators, investors, managers, researchers and more, we work to deliver meaningful work and foster enduringly healthy organisations.

Being part of our team means working across boundaries to collaborate openly with people across organisations and drawing on the best each person can bring to the challenge at hand.

Our way of working is not for everyone. If you think it might be for you, get in touch to explore how we might collaborate.

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